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Our goal at MyCreativeBible.com is to help grow the kingdom by providing you a place to share your Bible journaling designs. By sharing your Bible journaling image, you will help encourage others to spend more time with God through creative expression of His Word. Things to add with your Bible journaling image upload:

  1. Add a Title (be specific).
  2. Add a Description. Consider the following in your content.
    1. What Bible verse inspired your design?
    2. What design elements and tools were used?
    3. How did creatively journaling this Bible verse impact you?
    4. Why should somebody start bible journaling?
  3. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (after your post is approved use one of the share options at the top)
  4. Send it to your friends and family and encourage them to start bible journaling as well.

Bible journaling is more than just drawing and coloring, it is spending quality time in God’s Word. Each page in your journaling Bible uniquely represents you and the expressive way Scripture touches your heart. Be inspired by other journaling designs as you browse through the images shared. Research different ideas and techniques used by others in the Bible journaling community.  Share as many designs as you desire by visiting this Bible journaling image upload page frequently.